The Dream

I was going to be a second baseman, this was certain.

I prepared in every way possible: by watching my sisters play countless games, serenading my family with songs about baseball, and when no one was looking trying on my older sister’s gloves.

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The Reality

Left-handed second baseman are rare.  No amount of studying or practicing could change the fact that I was left-handed, so my dream died after my first game, but I became a first baseman, right fielder, and pitcher.

My dad took me to minor league baseball games, and we watched countless second basemen parade by on their way to the majors.  When I was older I had back surgery and was forced to suffer through a summer without being able to play sports.  That summer, I practically lived at the baseball stadium.

The next summer I started working there.

Photo by Tug Haines, Reading Fightin' Phils team photographer

Photo by Tug Haines, Reading Fightin’ Phils team photographer

Now What?

Minor league athletes are working just as hard to make their dreams come true (though probably with a lot less singing), and they are overcoming their own setbacks.

The left fielder is a substitute teacher in the off-season in order to afford to follow his dream, and the first baseman is watching his younger brother in the major league playoffs.

These guys are all fighting for the same dream, and their stories, as well as the stories of the fans they inspire, will be featured on this website.

Things to Know

  • I love to read and am always looking for new books.  If there are any books you love, let me know so I can read them!
  • I did find time to go to school between all of my sports watching, I have a B.A. in English from DeSales University.
  • Every sports fan has a story to tell, please share your stories with me!