With a race-time temperature in the mid-50’s, the March 3 Shiver by the River didn’t live up to its name, but runners still flocked to Dietrich Park to participate in the conclusion of the annual 4-race series.

The warm temperatures encouraged every runner to get out and participate in the friendly, simple, 5K/10K road race.

The Pagoda Pacers Athletic Club hosts the series, and encourages runners of all levels to participate, though the weather scares away all but the most devoted runners.

The weather didn’t scare anyone away from this race. There were participants from every age and skill-level, from walkers to hard-core runners, and children in strollers to a 95-year old man who participates in the series every year.

The running community was in full-force. When a young runner fell just around the corner from the finish, a group of racers who had already finished were quick to help him up and hold his hands to pull him across the finish.

Boyertown Junior High West teachers could be heard encouraging their students from the Road Warriors after-school running club, refusing to let them give up and quit before the finish, and even had one student run the 10K in an adapted wheelchair.

The runners weren’t only helping those present, though. Donation bins were set up inside and outside of the registration building for Girls on the Run. Girls on the Run is a youth development program for girls ages 8-13 that encourages girls to be healthy and confident through a program that incorporates running. The Pagoda Pacers had bins for monetary donations, but also had bins for donating items the program needs, such as running shoes for the girls.

Though prizes were awarded at the post-race party, the atmosphere was not competitive, but supportive, as the runners took advantage of the early spring weather to run by the river without shivering.